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Offering quality craftsmanship, trade expertise & unique finishes, we deliver bespoke interior solutions to clients who want to work with one source – from production to finishing. With a deep-rooted commitment to creating incomparable products of distinction, our selection of luxury wood interior products are widely regarded as the best on the market.

bespoke interior solutions THAT INSPIRE

Interiors are spaces where lives unfold.

Our full selection of luxury wood and quality wood care products are specially designed to last a lifetime while always looking amazing.

In addition to offering only Schotten & Hansen,  we are the only company who offers the service company to keep their expensive product maintained properly with our care and maintenance product brand, Wood Wellness.

Interior Solutions
modern design & appeal
We offer bespoke, purpose-built solutions for all of your interior needs.

Wood is both our metier and ideology. When we refine it into floorboards and interior design elements, we are aware that it is a gift of nature requiring careful handling and gentle treatment. Just as nature urges all living things to the full flowering of their potential, so we too strive to improve our products in harmony with the bigger picture and the greater good.

Floors are not just blank spaces; they are the foundation of a comfortable and beautiful home. A quality floor can support our comfort and wellbeing for a lifetime. Wood floors mature with us and, as they age, their patina grows richer and more complex.

That is the beauty of wood flooring; it can create an atmosphere that matches your tastes, your home and your needs. We offer our customers a bespoke approach to providing flooring that matches their personality and their home.

We look beyond the flooring alone. Interior design and flooring should work in harmony to deliver a coherent whole. Interior elements are critical to achieving this sense of harmony, which is why we also produce steps, doors, and other furniture items to co-ordinate with your flooring and create consistency throughout your home.

S&H surfaces are breathable, permeable and elastic. Like skin,they should be cleaned and nourished: a simple regime. For us, caring for wood is a natural cosmetic art. Our priority is to bring out, enhance and preserve the deep beauty of wood.

Schotten & Hansen has a deep rooted commitment to create incomparable products of distinction. That contribution to quality of life is a critical part of our mission: we are a business that aims to help build a better society. We want to make products that make a difference and quite simply, products that make sense.







Schotten and Hansen

As leaders in the luxury wood, we offer top-quality flooring and interior design products. Our products appeal to all of your senses, providing open, breathing surfaces that help you create attractive and healthy indoor spaces.

Schotten and Hansen

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Wood Wellness

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Wood Wellness

We want your wood floors to look good forever. Our wood care brand, Wood Wellness, offers natural solutions to enhance, preserve and maintain the beauty of your wood floors.

dedicated to service, quality & longevity

WHERE Sustainability meets Craftsmanship.
Nature, Refined.

We strive for perfection in everything we do: in working with nature, working with people, creating exceptional products and delivering excellent service. We believe that every high quality product has the power to inspire, so our focus is on great craftsmanship and on creating extraordinary products that will inspire our customers to aim for their best too.

We consider human health to be a valuable good. That’s why we work with natural materials, the kind you come into contact with every day in body care products or in the foods you eat. Our products appeal to all of your senses, providing open, breathing surfaces that help you create attractive and healthy indoor spaces.

Meet the Colourfinder

The Colourfinder allows us to match colors like never before.

This unique scanning device allows us to communicate with you, using an actual colour language. A language that gives us the information that we need to help us more efficiently narrow down the colour direction you are searching for.

The ColourFinder — Studio Schotten & Hansen

The ColourFinder

The ColourFinder allows us to efficiently identify a certain color direction.

With this colour langauage and access to our database of colours, imagine the possibilities and how much more efficient the sampling process can and will be.

client testimonials

Exceptional customer service. Holly really took the time to understand our needs and to make sure we got the perfect flooring and custom millwork. We were extremely particular with our requests and were never met with a "no". We even met Holly at the factory in Germany to hand select some of our flooring.

Holly was available throughout the entire process to answer questions and guide us through everything. Not to mention, Schotten&Hansen flooring is truly exceptional!

Ken Chiu, Homeowner

The first time I was introduced to Schotten & Hansen was on a project in Laguna Beach. I was amazed by the beauty and amazing color. The character of the oak flooring was a perfect balance to the modern lines of the interior and gave so much warmth to the home with no fussiness.

For me, I always want to have a beautiful floor but I also want a product that skilled craftsman love and appreciate, that says so much and Schotten & Hansen’s product does just that.

Jon Rahman, Architect

We knew the flooring was a critical part of the full renovation we planned on our apartment so we did a lot of research. After quite a bit of research, we settled on Schotten-Hansen. And all we can say is, “wow”.....the S-H floor delivers!

Unlike other wood floors, the texture and feel of the Schotten-Hansen floor on our feet makes us feel connected to the Alps we see out our window.

Schotten-Hansen’s great customer service made the process very easy as well. Holly from Wood Concepts guided us every step of the way. You won’t be disappointed!”

A. Hau, Homeowner


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